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Internship Programme

The Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (HKBM) is the first museum in Hong Kong dedicated to biodiversity. As a natural history museum, we aim to increase knowledge, education and preservation on biodiversity in Hong Kong and Asia.


The HKBM welcomes tertiary students to apply for our internship programme. In this program, successful applicants will have the opportunities to develop their knowledge within the fields of ecology and biodiversity, interact with the public, develop their communication skills and learn and practice different skills valuable for environmental education and research, and also to develop leadership, creativity and independence skills which ultimately will prepare you for your future professional career.

The activities developed by the HKBM are diverse, and as a result, our museum is structured into two enthusiastic teams: the Curation and the Education teams, which are complementary but require different skills and responsibilities. You can indicate in your application if you are more interested in working with one of them or both. Let us briefly introduce the duties of both teams so this can fit your expectations.

Curation Team

Museum collections are specimens-rich and the daily care of those is a major task for the curation team. The work in this team includes anything from the specimen preparation, fixing, identification, display within the exhibition to imaging, databasing or describing it. It also entails to present a coherent framework for the collection to allow visitors to appreciate the diversity of our collection while learning various aspects of their biology.

We are particularly interested in applicants who like us have a passion for biology, and at this point especially for botany and entomology, and are interested in acquiring hands-on experience in the field.


As an intern, you will be working with our team on databasing specimens from our herbarium, taking pictures of them using professional cameras and scientific photography setup. You will also work taking high magnification pictures of insects using both a professional camera and a microscope imaging system for high-resolution photos of tiny specimens.

You will be responsible for maintaining accurate records of the specimens and ensure that those are properly labeled and stored. You will also be responsible for assisting with other tasks as needed.

The ideal candidate will have excellent attention to details, be meticulous with strong organizational skills, and the ability to work independently. You should be comfortable with and have some experience using Google Sheets or related software. You should also be able to work well in a team environment and have availability to work at least 4 hours weekly.


Education Team

Sharing knowledge about biodiversity is at the core of the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum and to do so our team needs to excel in sharing their passion but also in providing scientific and accurate knowledge to most visitors.


As a result, we are looking for applicants with great communication skills and with a passion for sharing their knowledge of biodiversity and educating the public about nature. During museum opening hours, you will be delivering professional tours introducing the background of the museum and of the exceptional specimen collection hosted in its walls. You will also engage with the public through small workshops presenting new aspects of the ecology, beauty and functions of microfauna. Additionally, you will be preparing education material introducing unique species to the public through our social media platform and reaching thousands of followers.

The ideal candidate should have excellent communication skills, enthusiasm and strong motivation in presenting and educating public audiences, scientific rigor and a will to learn about biodiversity and species biology. Video and graphic editing skills are a bonus to this application.



  • Tertiary students (majoring in ecology, biology, environmental science are preferred) or adults keen on gaining knowledge on specimen preparations or environmental education

  • Passionate in ecological education and/or biology

  • Good communication skills in English (Chinese is required for Education Team)

  • Independent and also a good team player

  • Familiarity with local ecology is preferred

  • Priority will be given to whom has digital marketing experience, photography or graphic design skills, but those skills are not mandatory.



Each intern needs to complete a minimum 200 service hours from Jan 2024 to May 2024 or a year starting from Jan 2024. Working hours are flexible, and could be completed in half-day or full-day shifts. 



It’s an unpaid internship. As a token of thanks, HKBM could assist the interns to apply for credit-bearing internship courses in their institutions, and provide reference letters and a certificate of participation to interns with satisfying performance. A certificate of outstanding achievements will be provided for interns who exceed expectations. Further employment possibility may exist later on based on performance and resources available.



To apply, please prepare a CV and a cover letter, and fill up this form. [CLICK HERE]

Deadline: 12 December 2023 (11:59pm)

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for interviews.


Our Privacy Policy also applies to this internship programme. The personal data provided in your application process will be used for the internship application, selection and internship related operational purposes only. 

Our Former Interns' Testimony

Are you curious about what it's like to be an intern at the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum? Take a look at what our former interns have to say about their experience with us!


Yuen Ching Hin, Bosco
Curation Team, 2021.
Hired as a part-time officer for the Education Team, 2023

"During my internship I mainly deal with the back catalogue of the museum’s collection, sorting the vast number of unrecorded specimens and including them into the museum’s database. I am also responsible for creating the informative label system, which showcases some interesting ecological and biological information about the specimens. My internship experience has eventually landed me a part time position as an Education Officer with the education team, where I was responsible for a range of educational and outreach activities."


Chan Hau Yin, Alfred
Curation Team, 2021
Currently studying Museology at the Johns Hopkins Univ
ersity, USA.

"Logistics is a crucial branch in the HKBM. I am satisfied with optimizing the specimen management since I was responsible for not only creating the location mapping system for over 10,000 specimens in the museum, but also reorganizing the back of scene storage for more specimens waiting to be displayed."


Elvira Rey Redondo
Curation and Education Teams, 2021-2023
"I joined the HKBM intern team shortly after the museum opened and I immediately fell in love with it. It’s filled with amazing specimens and lovely, inquisitive, passionate and supportive people who are just wonderful to work alongside. The museum has been growing and evolving steadily, so that there’s always something new to learn and to keep you on your toes. I did a bit of curation work and lots with the education team, giving tours and writing social media posts. All of it has taught me tons about biodiversity and science communication, which is what I want to pursue a career in when I graduate.."


CHAN Lok Yan, Janice
Curation and Education Teams, 2023
"Working as an intern in both teams allows me to see insects and animals with a pair of keen eyes when understanding more about different species' habits and their characteristics. It was an enjoyable experience as children who come to visit will always come up with the wildest questions and it is wonderful to get a glimpse of what's behind those curious minds."


Au Wan Ching, Rachel
Curation and Education Teams, 2023
"I mainly helped with guiding public tours and reorganizing and cataloging insect specimens, which I really enjoyed. It is really rewarding seeing the public being fascinated and becoming more interested in local and global biodiversity through education, and I have also gained invaluable knowledge and skills in museum curation. This internship has inspired me in many ways and made me become more passionate in pursuing a career in environmental education in the future."


Tsoi Ka Lun, Alan
Education Team, 2023
"My job nature includes leading and assisting with visits at the museum. Also, I am responsible to prepare education contents
on different social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Working in HKBM gives me more chance to interact with people who care about Hong Kong’s biodiversity. It also raises my awareness for environmental protection."


Law Chun Hoi
Curation and Education Teams, 2022-2023
"I had the precious chance to work closely with different kinds of specimens. Additionally, I met a lot of new friends in Ecology, which expanded my connections beyond my major. Last but not least, this internship helped me discover my interest in butterflies."


Chui Lok Tin, Sky
Curation Team, 2021-2022
"I worked on identifying insect specimens and the making of carpenter ant specimens for a project. I enjoyed my whole working experience since I'm really interested in insects in the first place, and handling all sorts of varieties of them is certainly an entertaining experience for me. This internship is my first step in working in the conservation field, which allows me to observe the works of the researchers in closeup and provides an unexchangeable experience for my final year project as well as my current work in the Kadoorie Farm."


Lai Chun Ming, Moses
Curation Team, 2023
"Throughout the internship, I have learned general duties in running a museum like database organization, identification of species and design of demonstration. This inspire the interest and future occupation of me for studying a further degree in insect."


Wong Wing Yan, Audrey
Curation and Education Teams, 2022
"I was able to get a taste of museum operations during my internship at the museum by working on both curation and education teams. I got to talk to the visitors about what I like. Being able to work as a guide for museum visitors and also on the museum exhibits themselves was an eye-opening experience. Not only did I get to meet new people, but also a new outlook on my future career."


Wong Yee Man, Jasmine
Curation and Education Teams, 2022
"I worked mainly with the curation team and occasionally helped out with the educational team. It was really eye opening getting to see the large variation of specimens that the museum had and learning about their origins and evolutionary relationships. The internship strengthened my understanding about phylogenetic relationships and I gained a lot of knowledge on species diversity, especially on insect. At the end of my internship, I was able to meet like-minded people that were interested in biodiversity and also use my new found knowledge in my university classes!"


Zoriana Lam
Education Team, Winter 2022
"My work was introducing different specimens to visitors in the museum. As I was studying biodiversity and conservation in Australia, it was a fantastic experience to work in the HKBM and learn more about native animal species in Hong Kong. It is a good opportunity to interact with kids and families by sharing knowledge on biodiversity. I also worked on some poster designs and blog writing on species introduction. It was a valuable chance to enrich my knowledge of biodiversity and gain practical skills in group organizations and social interactions. These experiences will certainly be useful in my future research pathway and career."


Kiu Cheng
Education Team, 2021
"Before I join the internship program I only had limited understanding on the Hong Kong biodiversity and barely know about the scientific ways to describe and introduce species to the others. Through this internship, I got a lot of chances to immerse myself in learning things I’ve never experienced before. Frequent research and composing paragraphs on interesting species makes the learning process more robust and easy to remember. I once had entomophobia, which I would scream and run away when I saw insects coming near me. But now I have a new angle to look at them without feeling scared, because they are no longer mysterious creatures to me. Now when I saw insects, I would enjoy looking at their movements and share what I know about them to my surrounding people. That’s a great progress for me and I’m glad I had my internship in HKBM."


Lee Ho Man, Edmond
Education Team, 2022
"HKBM is a great place to advocate the biodiversity of Hong Kong. During internship, I can raise the public awareness on environmental protection through museum tour as well as enhancing the importance of conservation. It is a worthy and meaningfu
l experience to me. Even now, I always share with my students to appreciate the natural beauty of Hong Kong."


Tsam Yu Lam, Evelyn
Curation Team, 2023
"I worked mainly on inputting HK plant specimen information into the new online database, and it was an interesting experie
nce learning how to understand the labels and pick out the most important parts. Since I don't usually get to have such close interactions with museum-quality specimens, it was a good introduction to working with museums and their specimens collection."


Hui Chuk Fei, Millian
Education Team, 2023
"HKBM provides a platform for the public to view tens of thousands of scientific specimens collected over the past century. Nature enthusiasts come and exchange hiking experiences and exciting findings in the natural environment. I gave museum tours and introduced insect specimens with a microscope. Children sometimes might have negative impressions of insects, but when they are guided to look at the details of a butterfly wing, they could be astonished by the beauty of nature. This was undoubtedly the most fulfilling moment in my internship."


Gena Yip
Education Team, 2021
"Taking photos of specimens is very exciting for me. Not only did I have close contact with the specimens (carefully with gloves of course), but also with laboratory microscopes I had the chance to observe the finest details, which is impossible for the human eye to see!"


Hugo Ngan
Curation Team, 2021
"I was responsible for a bevy of tasks which includes separating specimens of different species from one another. This is a valuable learning opportunity for me as I get to identify many different kinds of specimens, ranging from whole specimens to fossils like bones. The museum’s collection is vast, so there was much to learn."

Katrine's photo.jpg

Lau Chin Wing, Katrine
Curation Team, 2022
"As an intern for the curation team, I assisted in reorganizing the insect display, updating the museum database, and creating introductory texts about insect orders. It was an invaluable opportunity for me to obtain useful work experience while learning more about animals. Given the chance to look at specimens in more detail, I was impressed by the beauty of nature, which is easily overlooked in our concrete jungle."


Chang Wing Tung, Lydia
Curation and Education Teams, 2022
"During my internship, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about different specimens and enhance my skills in public speaking. Through hands-on experiences, I was exposed to a wide range of specimens. I learned how to identify and classify different species, interpret their characteristics, and understand their ecological significance. Leading public tours allowed me to develop effective communication skills by engaging with diverse audiences."

Cheung Hin Kit, Rance
Curation and Education Teams, 2022
"It was my very first time handling specimen in both flora (plant seeds) and fauna species, and I felt precious for the opportunities provided. Given with a high flexibility and choice of works, I was able to design and develop database in website. Also, I had a chance to work as a tour guide in the museum. It developed my communication skill and knowledge with different species."

Joyce Lee

Lee Shan Yee, Joyce
Education Team, 2022
"I had numerous opportunities to lead museum tours and interact with the public, which I found immensely fulfilling. Being able to introduce museum specimens to visitors and receive instant feedback was a source of great satisfaction for me. The curious and thought-provoking questions posed by visitors have expanded my knowledge and provided me with valuable insights into the biodiversity of Hong Kong. This valuable experience has sparked a deep desire within me to continue learning and exploring this fascinating field even further, and has also given me a clearer vision of my future career path. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience."


Wong Tsz Ching, Shirley
Education Team, 2021
"I had the opportunity to work on various tasks, including the identification of specimens. This process requires careful examination and research, but it was incredibly fulfilling to contribute to the museum's collection knowledge. Additionally, I had the chance to utilize my creative skills by assisting in the design of posters and editing videos. It provided me with a broader perspective on the importance of communicating scientific information effectively. This internship deepened my understanding of museum operations and enhanced my passion for preserving and sharing scientific knowledge with the public."

PHOEBE photo.jpeg

Leung Pui Ching, Phoebe
Curation and Education Teams, 2022
"The internship experience I had during my university years was truly exceptional, earning a perfect 10/10 rating. Throughout the internship, my primary focus was on the education team. I am responsible for delivering tours to visitors and writing articles for the HKBM's Instagram page. Working within the museum environment constantly exposed me to a variety of specimens, further expanding my horizons. Simultaneously, my hands-on experience with specimen handling has proven invaluable in my current role as a research assistant."


Wong Hau Ching, Kiko
Curation and Education Teams, 2023
"Absolutely a remarkable and precious experience to get the hands on the work in the museum. Learned a lot from the education and curation work, and more from the specimens!."


Huen Siu Ching, Macy
Curation and Education Teams, 2023
"Working in both the education and curation teams has made my internship experience incredibly fruitful. From acquiring knowledge about biodiversity to sharing it, organizing and digitizing specimens, my horizons in the field of ecological conservation have expanded, and I have gained valuable experiences in educating our society.."


Tse Man Yiu, Ryan
Education Team, 2023
"I think this internship had really given me many insights for my future career in the education sector. It’s really fun to teach and chat with different visitors, the fulfilment that you gain when the crowd goes “wow!” is really irreplaceable.."


Chan Tsz Ching, Emilie
Curation and Education Teams, 2023
"I got the chance to handle and curate animal and plant specimens and guide tours. Through inputting data, I have learned the importance of specimens to scientific research and education. When handling the specimens, I also learned more about different species in Hong Kong. I also enjoyed the interactions with our visitors when I was guiding tours, introducing the species and specimens helped me improve my communication skills. The intern experience in the museum was fruitful, I have learned a lot about local biodiversity, and gained experience in environmental education, paving the way for my future career."

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