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博遊生物 Biodiversity Journey

新時段將於 7月16日下午12:00開放預約。 New sessions will be opened at 12:00pm on 16 Jul 2024.

  • 45 分鐘
  • Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum @ HKU

想看香港最大的生物標本收藏庫,來香港生物多樣性博物館啦!標本總數超過五萬個,涵蓋從極地到熱帶地區、從沙漠到海洋、從常見到罕見的生物,應有盡有。 馬上預約,來香港生物多樣性博物館環遊世界看生物啦! 開放詳情: 日期:逢星期三、六、日 時間:10:30am - 5:15pm 名額:每時段最多18人 地點:香港大學嘉道理生物科學大樓南翼2/F(近香港大學站A1出口) 條款及細則: 1. 參觀人士需提前至少一日於本館的網上預約平台登記,方可免費入場。預約的常見問題: 2. 參觀人士在本館及嘉道理生物科學大樓時,需注意自己的言行,減低對研究人員、學生和職員的騷擾 3. 本館保留拒絕任何不遵守條款人士進場參觀之權利。 4. 如參觀因天氣或其他因素取消或暫停,本館將不設後補日期,亦不會有任何責任。 5. 如對有關的條款及細則及其他事宜有任何爭議,本館保留就爭議的任何問題之解釋權及最終決定權。 6. 此網上預約平台內所有內容、條款及細則以英文版本為準,本館有全部解釋權,並會不時更新。 With over 50,000 specimens, the HKBM represents one of the largest biological specimen collections within Hong Kong. You can have a look at creatures from polar to tropical regions, from deserts to oceans, with both common to some of the rarest species. Explore the local and global biodiversity and come learn about their biology by visiting the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum! Opening details: Days: Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays, starting from May 22 Time: 10:30am - 5:15pm Quota: 18 people maximum per session Location: 2/F, South Wing of the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building, Main Campus of the University of Hong Kong (near Exit A1 of HKU MTR station) Terms and Conditions: 1. Free admission, but reservations through our booking system at least 1 day in advance is required. FAQ of booking visits: 2. Visitors are requested to adopt proper behaviours within the HKBM and within the Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building at all times, to minimize the disturbance of researchers, students and staff. 3. The museum reserves the right to refuse admission to any person who does not obey the rules. 4. If the visits are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or force majeure, the visits will be cancelled without a backup date. The museum will be exempted from any claims, liability or responsibility associated with such circumstances. 5. In the event of any dispute regarding these terms and conditions and all other matters relating to the visits, the interpretation and decision of the museum shall be final and conclusive. 6. In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese version of content on this booking system, the English version shall prevail.

預約時段 Upcoming Sessions

取消政策 Cancellation Policy

如欲取消或改期,請盡快聯絡我們。如果您想更新參觀人數,請於此電郵按回覆到 與我們聯繫,麻煩提供登記電郵和參觀時段日期。 To cancel or reschedule, please contact us as soon as possible. If you would like to update the number of people joining you during the visit, please click 'Reply' in this email to , please provide your registered email and time/date of visit.

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